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Atelier García is an architecture studio based in Brooklyn, New York.

The Atelier holds the conviction that Architecture has the power to fulfill our spiritual longing to find our place in the world. As such, we hold the belief that architecture stands as the "refuge of the Soul" – a place we genuinely consider home.

At the heart of Atelier Garcia's philosophy lie five principles intricately woven into the fabric of the metaphysical realm. These principles, as outlined by Plato in his "Theory of Forms," embody qualities of eternality, absoluteness, and unchangeability. They stand as representations of the intangible essences that form the foundation of all things. These principles include:


Embracing Mystery as an eternal constant of life;

Aspiring for Perfection to find essence and truth;

Honoring Nature as the force that harmonizes our existence;

Celebrating Light as the giver of life,

And lastly, pursuing the mental construct of Home as the refuge of the soul's affections.


Atelier Garcia firmly believes that these principles serve as the foundational elements for creating a profound "Experience of Space" - a core aspect of architecture's essential purpose.

Download atelier portfolio here

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